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Lootfest: Live Design Forum Rules Empty Lootfest: Live Design Forum Rules

Post by bob on October 28th 2011, 12:12 am

Do not post information about any member without their say. Including but not limited to: personal information (phone numbers, address etc.) pictures, etc

Do not create an account to troll or spam

Do not create another account to avoid your suspension

Do not post viruses, link to websites which may contain them. Do not attempt to steal information, or link to sites which may do so

Do not impersonate a member of staff. Do not ask for a staff position

Do not post/link to any offensive site, ie porn, racist, shock etc.

Do not create multiple accounts. No exceptions

Do not discuss illegal activities

Do not harass other members

Do not troll

Do not spam

Do not insult other members

Do not attempt to abuse the loot/rep system, do not create topics asking for loot, or trading

Do not create multiple threads on the same subject

Do not use foul language, or make racist remarks

Do not use inappropriate profile information

Do not attempt to warp pages, or be generally annoying with HTML.

Do not advertise

Do not use misleading thread titles

Do not bump old threads (more than 30 days since the last post)

Do not discuss religions

Do not double post, you have an edit button. Use it

Do not post off-topic comments

Do not ask for free stuff (games, accounts, etc)

Do not use a large signature (if I have to scroll my mouse wheel more than 2 times, your sig is too big and will be removed)

Do not post referral links (swagbucks, rewards1, adf.ly, etc)

Do not bump a thread more than ONCE every 24 hours


Immediate and permanent ban
1 week ban

You are responsible for anything that happens on your account. Do not attempt to use the "it was my brother, cousin, uncle, burglar, neighbor stealing my wifi, dog, random drunken hobo, etc" line.

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