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Tabletop - planned features Empty Tabletop - planned features

Post by Fabian Viking on January 14th 2012, 6:37 pm

First release:
*Design Square based boards
*Design pieces
*Rulebook editor
*Simple dice creator
*Counters, to keep track of money and such
*Invite only MP, no split screen
*A truck load of classic games, like Chess, Go and Ludo
*about 2 modern game ripoffs (monopoly clone and some wargame)

In the future:
*Timers/chess watches
*Hex, Territory (Risk) and free form (warhammer) boards
*Pieces with skill sets (RPG game support)
*Game lobby, to find players with similar taste.
*Split screen
*Advanced dices
*Try to bring in some licensed modern games

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