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Post by Spidey on January 30th 2012, 10:06 am

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Top Five Gaming Sequels And Ports That Should Have Been Killed At Birth

5. Team Fortress 2 Xbox 360
Team fortress 2 is one hell of a popular pc game.
With the constant content updates, the amazing amount of mods available
and the Tidal wave of retainers and acne that is it's online community.
So this should have made Team Fortress 2 the amazing icing on top of
the cake that was The Orange Box right?. Well the problem is that while
Valve did a great job of porting the game to the Xbox 360, they forgot
one very simple thing. They forgot that they had ported the game in the
first place. You know all that content that those pc gamers got, The 360
got none of it. This leaving the 360 community millions of players
So in short, Team Fortress 2 on the Xbox 360 was like that 'special'
kid your mum decided to invite to your 10th birthday. At first you
did'nt mind that he was eating all the buns and drinking all the Vimpto,
but once he pissed all over your bedroom floor you kind of gave up on him.

4. Resident Evil 5
By now I can only guess that if you have not played Resident Evil 4 on
one of it's 300 ports that you must have been living under a small rock
on Mars since January 2005. You see Resident Evil 4 was in my view the
game that redified third person shooters. So a sequel that followed Resi
4's formula strand for strand would have been an instant succcess
right?. The short answer, No. The long answer, Chris I can't do that!.
Let me explain to you the three things Capcom failed at while making Resident Evil 5

1. Resident Evil 4 and most Resi's before 4 were single player games.
Any horror game buff will tell you that adding another player into the
mix is like when modern day rappers add hats on top of the hats they are
already wearing. It does not make sense!.

2. I am not one of those people that think every white guy is a racist. I
started playing Resident evil 5 and did'nt mind at all that the bad
guys were black, some of them were even white. It was of course when I
started fighting half naked black people with sprears yelling "wu, wu,
ya, ya" that I started to question Capcoms world view as a whole.
Perhaps the title 'Chris Redfield VS the third world' would have better
suited the game.

3. Resident Evil games are set at night for a damn good reason.

3. Final Fantasy 13 Aka Final Fantasy 1111111111111/1.0
I am at heart a huge Final Fantasy fanboy. So like most fanboys I got
FF13 the day it came out. And right from the start of the game it was
clearly apparent that Square Enix just want to make movies. 70% of my
playthrough of Final Fantasy 13 was spent watching kids that must shop
at 'emo's R us' bitching about various pointless scenarios. The game has
far too many cutscenes.
The second rather odd thing that I noticed a lot during a lot of the
cutscenes was the obvoius undertone of pedophilia that most of these
JRPG'S seem to have. You can go right ahead and tell me that some of the
characters are just very close, but when the redhead in your team yells
"Ahhhhhhhhhh" every bloody time she so much as lifts her weapon you
know something is a bit fishy.
The third and final nail in Final Fantasy 13 and a half Manchester
United 0's coffin is the overall pacing of the game itself. Boasting
that the game opens up after thirty hours of linear gameplay is not
really a point in it's favour is it?.

2. Silent Hill Homecoming
Silent Hill has a very special place in my heart. I have very fond
memories of staying up staying up till four in the morning playing
Silent Hill 2. You may think that staying up that late is normal for
gamers but what you don't understand is the reason why I stayed up till 4
playing it. It was not so much that I wanted to play the hell out of
it, it was more that I daren't turn it off and go to bed out of the fear
that Pyramid head was going to rape me in my sleep.
So Silent Hill Homecoming should have been one of my favourite 360
games right?. No, there were many things that made the previous Silent
Hill games as good as they were. Silent Hill homecoming failed to keep
the most important. In Silent Hill 2 for example you had the constant
fear that at any moment your weapon would be rendered useless against
the next enemy that the game was about to throw at you. In Homecoming
though things were not the same at all. The slightest flick to your
enemies nipples would send them to the ground quicker than a suicidal
lemming with a fridge strapped to it's legs. In Homecoming you just
don't have the same willy shrinking fear for the evil creatures that you
had in the previous games. This reason alone spoiled the game for me.

1. Duke Nukem Forever
Yes that's right, another list of bad games with Duke Nukem Forever at number one.
The thing with Duke Nukem Forever is that I played through the game
start to finish and felt like I was enjoying it all the way. Only after
reflecting on the game after completion did I realise one very simple
thing. Somewhere along the line I had fooled myself into pretending to
enjoy it. The entire game just felt like it was tryng far too hard to
make me laugh. A good example was when one of Dukes army buddies offered
him the master chiefs power armor and Duke responded by saying "Power
Armor is for pussies!". You see, that's is not funny at all. It's like
that uncle of yours that has a bit too much to drink at a wedding party
and decides that the best thing to do would be to climb up onto the
table and start to dance. How you say?. Well, in the 80's he may have
looked cool but now he just looks and sounds like a complete old twat.
The other reason Duke Nukem Forever deserves to be at number one is the
gameplay in general. The controls make you feel like you are constantly
trying to steer half a cow around a bumpy battlefield. The AI is also
very very bad, one time this even resulted in a half hour hunt for a
flying emeny that managed to get himself stuck in a wall at the other
end of the map because the door to my objective insisted that it would
not open until he was dead. The aiming was also very clunky, even to the
point where I had to throw away the long range rifle beacause it felt
like I was trying to hit a fly with a piece of fluff.
Overall, Duke Nukem will always be the Gary Glitter of video games. We
used to love him when we were younger but now we wouldn't let him within
a six mile radious of our kids.

Top 5 Video Game Script And Voice Actor Fails

Nothing ruins a game for me more than a poor script. Wait I forgot,
there is of course one other thing that can ruin even the best of games.
Voice acting.

5. Sacred 2 Fallen Angel
I am a huge fan of action rpg's, or 'Diablo clones' as you uninformed
kids on the internet seem to insist on calling them. This in mind, you
could understand why Sacred 2 stood out to me like a smartie in a bag of
peanut eminem's. You see I am allergic to peanuts, so finding this one
little pink smartie in my bag was amazing. On my first playthrough I
chose to play as the shadow warrior. The shadow warrior to those of you
that have not played this game yet and must have the game selection
skills of a custard cream biscuit is the default sword swinging hard
nippled tank class.
I spawned in a small temple and was soon instructed to make my way to
the village of Sloeford. I killed a few elfs, collected some loot and
made my way to the village. Upon entering the village my Shadow Warrior
let out his first line of speech. This was something along the lines of
'I wonder if there are people I can kill here!'. Now, unless you have
baubles for eyes you can clearly see that obviously was written by a
tamed chimp. But, like you couldn't make a turd smell any worse you
should have heard his voice. It was unique to say the least. If you can
imagine the master cheif on anti depressant pills,
you can imagine just what this guy sounds like. The only reason I can
think of for this fail is that while the voice actor was in the studio
about to record his lines, the devs told him to sound like a sarcastic,
stuck up undead twat.

4. Resident Evil
Some of you probably have a good idea of what to expect here. Resident
Evil (the first one kids) is in any survival horror fans eyes to the
genre what shaquille o'neal is to basketball, a bit long and dark but it
did it's job very well. The gameplay had a nice slow pace and it had an
atmospehere that even the largest pool party at michael barrymore's
house would struggle to recreate. It may then come as a surprise then to
most of you kids that there was something else that made Resident Evil
so memorable, well to me anyway. The voice acting and the cheeseburger. well-done poor
script. To put into perspective just how bad both of these things were I
am simply going to share a few of my favourite examples with you. At
the very start of the game just as you enter the mansion if you tried to
open the door you game in through Wesker would yell
'Don't.....open....that....door'. All those dots in that qoute are there
for a very good reason, he sounded like a pissed off speak and spell.
The next shining example needs no explanation, manily becuase I can't
think of one. 'Jill, here's a lockpick. It might be handy if you, the
master of unlocking, take it with you'. The third and final nail in
Resident Evil's playschool play script is my favourite. 'its a weapon,
its real powerful; speacially agains LIVING THINGS'. Ahhhh, so Barry
does have a very firm grasp of the fucking obvious!.

3. the elder scrolls iv oblivion
I know what your thinking. Spidey you have gone mad, your brain must
have fallen out of your head!. My brain is fine though, and so is
Oblivions script and the voice acting for the most part. But, and this
is a but around the size of blue whales french toast (8 ft to be exact). I
played The Elder Scrolls iv=mc2 Oblivion for around one hundred hours
and noticed one very big issue with the acting. This issue was not so
much that the actors themselfs did a bad job. Infact, let me put it this
way. imagine if you had a cloning device that instantly teleports
clones to various areas so they don't start filling up the room it's in.
But after a night out on the town you came back home and mistook your
teleporter for the toliet. The thing is after a while people are going
to start seeing the same candy apple everywhere. This applies to the cast of
Oblivion. In a game as huge as this it's just not practical or possible
to have a different voice actor for every character. This issue bugged
the hell out of me. One time I was given a quest by a redguard (aka a
black man). He told me to go talk to another guy. When I met the other
guy I couldn't help but feel a strong sense of dejavu. Why was this, it
was the same bloody voice actor in the same quest!. Another rather
strange ever increasing problem was the amount of times I saw a
character talking to what sounded like themselfs about a horse owned by

2. Final Fantasy VII
Most of you final fantasy fans will no doubt love FF7. And I can
understand that even if most of the younger fans only like it because
they heard it was 'epic' and never actually played the damn thing
(looking at pictures of Sephiroth and Cloud on the web do not mean you
know anything about the game). You may also be wondering why Final
Fantasy 7 is on this list. So before you rage at me with pointless facts
trying to sound cool please be aware of the fact that the game had a
terrible script. Perhaps this was due to the entire script been
translated into 'Engrish'?.
Let me start of by reminding you of what I said about Resident Evil 5
Chris VS The Blacks last week. Racism seems to be very high in some
video games, and Final Fantasy seems to be one of them. Did Final
Fantasy 13 not have a black man with an afro that housed a small chicken
inside it? (I don't care if they are called chocobo's so shut it).
Final Fantasy 7 as most of you may know had it's own stereotype that
went by the name of Barret. Now Barret alone is the reason why this game
is on the list. You see, swearing in video games is fine. Hell, most of
the time it can really add to the atmosphere of a scene. But what you
also may remember is that the characters had those little conversations
at certain points in the game that went on for around seven hours. You
know the ones you kept mashing the circle button on hoping they would
shut the hell up. Barret took part in most of these long winded
conversations, which at first was fine. But after he said f**k or
bas***d (not edited out, those stars were really there) for the 1000th
time I started to get the feeling that the devs were taking the cheeseburger. well-done out
of him. Well atleast we know where 50 cent got his entire vocabulary

1. Time Crisis "Don't cum!!!"
Most of you remember time crisis right?. That awesome arcade game that
you used to ask your mates to put a pound towards playing on one of
those crappy broken lcd screens only to find you were rubbish at playing
it. Well, Time Crisis in my eyes had the worst script and video acting I
have heard in all my life. Going beyond such giants as Resident Evil
and Final Stereotype 7.
I would write a paragraph on how bad the voice acting and the script was, but I think this video sums it all up perfectly.
Time Crisis Intro

Top 5 Movies That Made My Pants Turn Brown

5. IT
Have you seen it?. What?. It. What's is it?. It's it. Yes but what is it!
IT for those of you that were still swimming around in your fathers
(your too young to know what that is) was originaly a short horror tv
series from the early 90's. It was soon turned into a full length
feature movie. Back in the 90's we had a VCR. Yes that's right dvd's
were invented, they have not been there for ever like some kind of
plastic Cliff Richard, wait!. Every Saturday we used to rent a video
from the local video shop to watch on our huge 19 inch tv with 1.0
surround sound. One thing you need to be aware of before I continue with
this rather drawn out stroll down memory lane is that I was brought up
on horror movies. While most of the other kids were sat on their sofa's
watching the new episode of Clarissa, I was hiding behind my sofa
shaking like a shi*ing dog watching The Thing with my dad. So it came as
no surprise that when my dad brought home a movie called 'IT' that my
mum was happy for me to stay up and watch it with him. We did all the
proper preperations that you did back then prior to watching a movie. My
dad made a drink of cofee, he tuned in the tv to help it's retarded
calculator like brain find the VCR, and I was very happy that I got to
do the greatest most important job of them all..........Turning those
two little circle white things on the underside of the tape with a
butter knife so the VRC wouldn't eat it. That last part is true kids,
they actually ate video tapes. Now it was show time. My dad started the
movie and we both sat back in our sofa. The movie started off fine.
Nothing out of the ordinary really for horror flicks at that time. It
was of course when the movie got to around the ten munite mark that sh*t
started to get real. Pennywise the dancing clown could be one of the
scariest things I have ever seen in my entire life. I never had any
phobias before watching that movie. Now, I can't even look at a clown
without freaking out. You may wonder why I have not told you any details
about the movie. Well, the reason is that If you have already seen IT
then you do not need any information, and if you have not yet had the
chance to see this amazing horror movie, you should bloody well do so!
Remember, They ALL float down here.

4. Alien
There are plenty of movies that when you mention them poeple will say
such things as 'OMG...I heard somebody died after watching that film',
and 'one of the crew fell out of a window and died......and the Devil
did it!'. This is what is known as hype, and most of the time it is
utter crap. But for Alien the hype actualy had some basis. The movie for
the time was very scary and did frighten the fu*ck out of people, me
included. The way the Alien seemed to slither around the ship like some
kind of space based greased up tumble dryer tubing. And the way it could
take out nearly all of the crew members without recieving so much as a
itchy nose. The movie just really seemed to capture the atmosphere of
what it would be like to be so far away from home perfectly. The alien
itself looked like something I would have drawn on the back of my maths
book at school.
In space no one can hear you queef.

3. Paranormal Activity 2 (Really Spidey?)
At first Paranormal Activity to me seemed like that one girl from
school that always felt she had to yell very loudly while other people
were trying to talk, and also felt the constant need to tell you she was
'So random'. It all seemed a bit over the top and unneeded and had a
frindge that even a retarded barber could see needed bloody chopping
My friend phoned me one night and said that he had rented Paranormal
Activity 2 from Blockbusters. I responded by saying 'But I have not even
seen the first one and I heard they are over rated'. But, he assured me
that it was ok because the story was not really that
important........Not exactly a point in the films favour right?. He
fetched it over and I set up the 5.1 surround sound (regret it).
After the movie had finished we both kind of just sat there like two
cats that had just been hugged by a child with down syndrome (It's a
bloody joke!). The reason we just sat there is the same reason
Paranormal Activity 2 is on this list. It scared the fu*k out of us.
Most of you will reply to this by telling me that the movie uses cheap
scares. Cheap scares or not, watching this movie in the dark with
surround sound turned up loud would make even the worst Sjogren's
sufferer cry (that's actually really smart). One of the scenes even made
me make what I think is a new sound. This scene took place in the
kitchen, like 90% of the rest of the movie did. Kristi was sat in the
kitchen next to the pots and pans when that god damn low bass rumble
started to build. She starts looking around sensing that soemthing is
about to skullf*uck her. It goes silent for a few seconds and the bam!,
every single cupboard and drawer bangs open and corn flakes start flying
all over the bloody place. Can I ask you all a small question though?.
Am I the only damn person that noticed the reaction on Kristi's face
looked a bit.....well...odd. To me that was more of a 'what she keeps in
her bottom drawer for when your away' face.

2. ET
Yes that's right ET scared the jebus out of me when I was a kid.
I can't really explain much about why it scared me though, mainly
because I don't quite understand why myself. I think it was because he
always reminded me of some kind of sausage monster. Like if you got some
of those strings of sausages from the butchers and make a little man
out of them.

1. The Exorcist
Right after reading this paragraph you will be tempted to post a reply
that goes something like "The Exorcist is not scary at all dude. I
watched it alone in the dark and I did not even bat an eyelid". My reply
to that is, 1. Don't talk out of your cauliflower soup, it makes my thread look
dirty. And 2. I watched The Exorcist when I was around 7 years old, if
you did the same and still post that crap you and a liar and a troll
trying to get attention in any nefarious ways you can.
Like I said above. I was around seven years old my dad showed me a
little movie called The Exorcist. It was horrible. But not in a bad way,
in more of a 'I couldn't sleep for days' way. The entire movie just
felt so tense. It was almost all shot in one room yet it still managed
to keep me on the edge of my sofa the entire way through. If you watched
it and found it made you almost cheeseburger. well-done your pants then all I need to
remind you of is that girls possessed face. Seriously, that face freaked
me out for years. That was until I saw sylvester stallone's mother.

The following top 5 consists of lots of jokes that are just jokes.
Top 5 most idiotic stereotypes in video games

5. Non-white people in most JRPG's, and other genre's
I have a friend who is black, so do not try using your racist cards at
this table please. His name is Rick and he has an afro, he uses at least
nine swear words in every sentence that comes out of his mouth. He
loves rap music and wears loads and loads of gold chains around his
neck. He hates guns and cars but he sure as hell knows his way round a
zebr..............Don’t be daft, of course I don’t have a friend like
that, what I just did was what I would like you all to from now on call
"Doing a final fantasy". As a child such things as racism in video games
are in your mind on the same level of interest as that bottle on the
top of your mums dressing table and your inability to understand why you
have to call that guy from down the street uncle Mick, because he is
not in any way related to you and you would swear you once heard your
mum call him Alan. It’s there though, behind the mountains of pink hair
and Jupiter sized swords lies a deep seeded trend of hard-core racism. I
remember it as far back as final fantasy VII, which must have by now
won the award for the most ironically named video game series since Alex
the Kid turned out to be nothing more than a monkey in a red sweater.
Barret as I have said before is a shining dirty example of a black
stereotype. He swears almost 99% of the time. He gets pissed of another
99% of the time, and his overall attire resembles what Mr T would look
like if he worked on a building site. Cole from Gears of war also seems
to be following the same one track path. I mean come on, when was the
last time Marcus or the Latino fella yelled "Wooooooooo" or "Damn baby,

4. The men from most action games set in space, or as I like to call them, ANTCSAM (A neck that could squash a moose)
How many wars do you think were fought by nine ft. tall beef eating
houses on legs? None obviously. But when it comes to video games, almost
all wars seem to take place in some kind of alternate reality where all
men seem to have larger d***s than even the proudest of elephants. Even
Isaac from Dead Space had the kicking power of the entire Manchester
United football team combined. Take Marcus Fenix for example, I have
never once seen the guy touch a pair of dumbbells, but my god his body
looks like somebody put a grape on top of a loaf of bread. Come to think
of it the entire cast of Gears of war seem to fall into this pool of
silliness. Would you really trust any of them with a gun that has a
chainsaw on one end? I really do imagine that if you could see through a
COGS eyes what you would see would resemble Arnie's view from
Terminator, only the people would be replaced by babies and
puppies..........Marcus Fenix hates babies and puppies.

3. Japanese girls (AWWHHH)
Like most of the male characters in Final Fantasy XIII I have touched this before and it still feels wrong.
I have a friend, who grew up in Japan, she also just so happens to be a
girl. Where am I going with this? Never once has she had an orgasm while
lifting small objects. Yet how come whenever I play a game from the
Final Fantasy series, most of the female characters seem to be at the
age of 13 and even worse, seem to be portrayed in such a way that the
developers seemed to want them to come across as being attractive and
desirable to the player. Like the speed bump said to the Ferrari "Get
over it, I don’t care if it hurts". Whether you want to admit it or not,
it happens all the time in video games and most people seem to pretend
it’s not there. There are three easy ways for you to see it for

1. Every time she interacts with a male character she seems to get a
little too close to them, most of the time with their hands behind their

2. At least one male character far too old for her already has or is going to bang her.

3. During most battle sequences at various points she seems to emit the
kind of sounds you would usually expect to hear from internet explorer.

2. Russia
You know when you look over and realise there is no toilet
paper left? Don’t you just hate how sometimes you step in dog crap and
it won’t come off your shoe and your mum yells at you because you walked
in the house and now it’s on the floor and she has to hoover and she
sends you outside in the rain to bang your shoes against the wall, and
you’re wondering how the fu*k repeatedly slamming a rubber object
against a brick wall with incredible force is going to clean it. Well
you can blame Russia for that. No, really you can. If modern games based
around warfare are to be believed Russia is to the world what Michael
Barrymore is to young men that choose to sleep in swimming
pools.......Not very good. Seriously, I firmly believe that as much as
the US wants to have the biggest willy on the globe they have been poked
in the eye far too many times just by looking in Russia's general
direction, and now they seem to be in a state of permanent jelly. And so
the main villain in every war game is Russia. Think about this though.
Just to explain in great detail the effort and complexity of most modern warfare games
story lines. Russia has a rather large nuclear arsenal, so my god will
somebody explain to me why they would go out of their way and spending
millions in the process just trying to steal one?

1. Fat american guys
Does the name Barry Wheeler ring and bells? How about that guy from Silent hill 2?


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Re: Spideys Top 5

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New top 5
Remember, do not take anything here seriously
Top 5 things people need to learn about video games

5. What came first, Call Of Duty or the egg?

Let’s go back 19 years. First person shooters were nothing new even in the 90’s; Spasim could be classed as an fps to an extent. When Wolfenstein 3D was released in 1992 we were shown the first true first person shooter. It took place in what looked like a fully 3d enviroment, and it had real guns that could in turn be used to blow the bollocks of as many robohitlers as you could get your hands on. The modern first person shooter was still in its puberty at this point. That was until ID software gave to the gaming world what David Beckham gave to the public’s view on the IQ's of custard cream biscuits worldwide. In short, they made us think about it in a whole new way. Doom was released shortly after, showing that the genre had a lot more to offer in variety and content. Now, just in case you are wondering where I am going with this here the next few lines should sum it up perfectly. Back when Doom was released, greasy, whiney kids worldwide claimed that Doom was a complete copy of Wolfenstein 3D. If that did not make sense to any of your tiny little brains, the next time you start kicking your legs and spitting your dummy’s because you are sure one game has copied another because they both share a few similarities just remember, you are bringing up an argument that failed almost 20 years ago, and you are seriously thick.

4. Oh my god, I completed it in two minutes!
Go out and buy any modern game that is not a fantasy rpg. The odds are that you will be able to polish off the main campaign quicker than Craig Martin takes to update a video game. Now, most of you think this is because modern games have so much more detail that they cannot last for as long as older games did. You could be correct, but I don't care and this is my top 5 anyway. Back when I was still unaware of knife crime and suicidal internet teens, I used to watch my dad play video games on his Megadrive (Genesis if you play a banjo) and his Snes. These games had levels much like most modern games do, but they lasted for much, much longer. Back then video games didn't have the suspicious popularity they have today. They were also much harder to develop, you didn't have six billion 30 year old men all named Cliff working on one game, you had maybe five guys in a small cramped office working their cauliflower soup off hoping they could give their sprites more detailed nipples than their competitor’s sprites. Video games were also expensive as hell back then, this lead to the issue of longevity in games. How can you make your game longer? Granted most of the time this simply lead to the kind of cheap grinding using in games such as Castlevania. The bottom line though, is that they were long games, and you cannot tell me that with the crazy advances in gaming tech, that campaigns shorter than a headless midget should be allowed to exist.

3. It's so shiny I want to make love to it...
Sex dolls, yes I’m going there, sex dolls are popular today. They are in fact very popular as much as you didn't want to hear that. They are popular because they are not real. Imagine if you bought a sex doll that it cooked you dinner after you um.....That would be amazing right? No you dingbat, because after it cooks you dinner it says you don't respect its rights as a woman. You get angry and slap it across the face, and it says sorry. You then storm out of the house. You come back in the morning after spending the night with your friend Jeff, only to find blow-up-Sally hanging from the ceiling fan. Now you are a murderer and poor Jeff has inadvertently become your accomplice. The same can be said for video game graphics. We play video games because we want to do things we can't do here in the real world. It is a means of entertainment used to help us unwind. You play Skyrim because you want to feel like a sword wielding bearded man god. You want to sleep at the inns, make love to the daughters and you want to slay the mightiest of dragons using nothing but your finger nail fluff. So, with that in mind, imagine if skyrim had photorealistic visuals. Not the photorealistic crap video game magazines have tacked onto every Gran Turismo game over the past ten years. I am talking about trees so real you could touch them, boobs so real you could grab them. This would come with some serious problems. Could you kill a man that looked like, well a real man? Would you not feel guilty? And how would you smacking a rabbit around the face with a gaint war hammer make your girlfriend feel about ever letting you buy a dog?

2. 8-bit
If I have a beard, I am not Johnny Depp. If something used pixels, it is not 8-bit. I will keep this as short as I can; Minecraft is not in any way 8-bit. Total Miner: Forge is not 8-bit in any way either. Hell, most of the modern games with "8-bit" in their titles are not 8-bit! They try to emulate the look of the old 8-bit games. Seriously, do you have any idea how impossible it would have been for the NES to even render one pixel of minecraft. These games are so complex it’s almost daft.

1. Oh look, a zombie, and a thing that goes bang...

Zombies, for those of you that are still learning how to spell the word the (teh) are not new. Zombies were not invented by some crazy overrated scientist in some laboratory located in the dark depths of the Activision headquarters. They are much older than that; they have also been features in video games for at least 20 years now. They are on the other hand, starting to get old. Using a good idea is fine, but when it has not been put to good use in almost four years, and then it will get boring fast. Where there are zombies, there are guns. This is also nothing new; it's one of the main rules when it comes to zombies. It's just not the same if you can’t blow their brains out of the back of their half-eaten heads. Again, I don't want to keep mentioning a certain modern franchise involving shooting people in stupidly small confined maps, but guns are also starting to be abused. We are now in an age where the two above subjects are being added to video games for the sake of selling these games. What do you guys think, is it right to play on the fragile minds of today’s gamers by adding what’s popular for the sake of it being there?

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Re: Spideys Top 5

Post by demman32 on April 10th 2012, 12:03 am

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Re: Spideys Top 5

Post by lipnox88 on April 17th 2012, 5:47 am

this sounds like it was intended to be read by the 16 and under audience so I'll keep the critism to myself.


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Re: Spideys Top 5

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