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Post by Fabian Viking on October 27th 2011, 2:22 am

My current plans for Lootfest2, I always make changes to the planes in the progress and will probably not make it all in time (sorry about the swedish sentences here and there, just a habit)

-Remake the map, make a more realistic world with cities around castles and roads that goes to the other villages.
//-starta med att göra en översikts karta med överblick på hela världen
-villages, a small net of roads and houses
-bygg upp byarna på en 2dgrid
-towns, large villages with a defensive wall and a small tower/safe house-thingy, might have some kind of leader to share info with
-castles, bosses live here, layers of walls of men defending them, might have "war-mashines" (static projectile weapons, like a ballista or dropping large stones)
-outposts, small groups of enemies with a small wall around them
//-byt ut höjd*2 till templates som är höga
(-Change to 3d coll, you will auto jump ledges and climb on vertical walls.
(-swim in water (no diving)

//samla en collection av omkring liggande block
// -optimera att bara kolla den radie dom är breda
// -samla för var gång dom bytar blockpos
( -optimera till att kunna hämta en valfri volym data från en screen
// -se till att dom är sorterade i höjdled (ska kunna checka ovanför),
// -checka i sidled till dit man är på väg (checka först 2rutor upp)
// -kolla vilken ruta man står på - och kringliggande, gör en beräkning av markens "lutning"
//-charaktären har sitt centrum i botten, vilket konfliktar me vectorvolume
(-vid generation av mark, dela in i låg, mellan, hög terräng, gör en förberäknad grid av "MaterialHeightChange1"-template

-Add indoor walking, the blocks above him will be transparent.

--The linear story
-the story elements have high prio, and should be the largest update to the game (??)
-each castle and boss requires a special item to defeat them, the type of item is random
-the information about the bosses location and weakness is spread out as hints around the world
-Each NPC keeps a small hint. You get it by talking to them or some times they want a favor.
-The castles are made to be defeated in a special order, the order is secret and spred out as hints.
-your hints will be collected in a log book, locations will appear on your map.
-Defeating the final boss will end the game.
--High score attack
(-From the moment you start playing a new world, the first time you die you will get a high score.
(-To get new high score you must start another randomized world.
-The scores will be shared Live P2P
(-You will not be able get any help from saving and loading during the score attack.
-score samlas hela tiden, halveras vid död
-bonusar för trick (medals)
-träffa flera fiender i ett slag
-samla kills mellan healings (100kills without healing)
-flera bågskott utan miss
--Tresure hunt
-The world will be filled with hidden tresures.
-Most of the tresures will give you items and abilities that you will keep from world to world.
-Some of them will help you in your high score attack
-Some will unlock new costumes and appearances
-Guld bagge hunt, finns 20nånting små baggar i världen som man kan hitta och döda som en bonus.
--Uniqe Tresure hunt
-Uniqe tresures are hardest to get and will give you the most advantages.
-You will only be able to find the uniqe tresures during your first life, when you die in a new world all the uniqes will be gone.

-You will be able to equip weapons, armour and magic jewelery.
-you will now be able to share items with your coop partner and also store items in chests.
-Need to work out a price overview, ex: show that the smith need 3iron bars and a 1wood to make you a sword, the exchange have to be very visual to avoid confusion
-Some sort of log-book to keep all information that you collect, like missions and bosses weaknesses
-pilar som visar närliggande areas, medspelare och checkpoints
-Will have a few (normally wortless) items for sale.
-The amout they are willing to give for your old items are variating.
-Some are collectors, and will give a high amout for a specific item.
-Sometimes you can get a mission, the missions have a time limit and are normally in the terms of "get me 10 of that" or package delivery.
-like salesmen but specialized in crafting objects
-some goes for hire, some want something special to help out
//-boats will "warp" you between different harbores. Will cost a small sum.
-Unlock transportation locations, horse and wagon. Will be in each city and defeated castle, warp will be covered with a loading screen
-Randomize weapons in 4categories
-One hand weapon/size, speed, cut damage, crush damge, magic
-Shield /projectile defence, magic defence, collision damage (shield spike)
-Throw weapon/ move patterns, magic, damage, damage radius
-projectile weapon/ requiers ammo, damage, damage radius, magic, range
-magiska vapen, typ träkäpp eller bok
-Collectables (some NPCs pay good money for these)
-Vin tunna, vin blir mer värdefullt med åldern (kan slå över till vinäger, curse)
-Glass, has a high value, but if you take damage it might break
-Gems, can be forged into items to increase som of it abilities
-Metal blocks, iron, bronze, silver, gold, mithril, can be forged into items like swords to change its abilities (both bad and good)
-some magic and metal goes better together
-Skinn from different animals, can be used as armour.
-Flowers, used to make scrolls and magic drinks.
-kan ha begränsad livslängd (tork bok för bibehålla) bättre skära som ger längre livlängd/kraftigare effekt
-Books, will give you informations/hints, can be sold to collectors
-Scolls, single use magic
-Magic drinks, can be drinked, throwed at enemies or combined with weapons.
-Jewellery, carry them to improve abilities. Can be sold for money or broken in pieces to get metal blocks and/or gems.
-Bone and tooth and horn from animals

-fireball, a projectile
-Poision, gives damage a few times after the attack
-Stunn, the person will move slow
-Confusion/fear, everything is backward
-Evil, very powerful attack, will give the attacker som damage too.
(maybe)-Lightning, will spread the attack if the enemies stand close to each other.
(maybe)-cursed object, "why does everything go bad??", maybe will destroy other equipment, maybe will explode in your hands
(explosion)-gives a radius damage, may hurt the user

-berserk, give yourself a short boost.
-smother drop shadows in the height map
-Death of enemies will be more physical, and with colors from themself, not red
-Eyes on characters will move and blink (should they be round or square??)
-The ai is seperated in Monster/Humanoid/Boss
-Monster is moving in patterns, 8bit style
-Humanoids use modern AI, attacking, fleeing, grouping. Both used as the castle defenders and to control angy town people
(humanoid AI is low prio and will be simple in this version)
-Bosses are a combination of (aggresive!) intelligens and advanced moving pattern
-(Maybe)all bosses are masters on/with large monsters
-traps, will be found in castles and outposts, like rotating knifes, closing walls, lava pits and mechanic projectiles
-A few maybes
-destructable terrain, bombs will blow wholes and some of your more powerful attacks will destroy terrain
-collect death skulls (like Halo) that gives you different crazy challenges/changes if they are turned on
-keys that unlocks doors and chests
-PvP minigame, collect tresures during a limited time in a castle labyrinth. Lay out traps and fight each other.
-Increase the water/lava graphics to be transparent and more "alive"

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